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  5. 24 July 2014

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Men’s Rights Activists


    Men’s Rights Activists

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Glass Sculpture of Canon 7D


    Glass Sculpture of Canon 7D

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    Up out of bed at three and I feel like I’m dying. But if she’s there next to me, then there’s no use in crying.

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  14. I asked if you were okay,
    You said, “I don’t know.”
    It was 2am and I understood you were having a bad time again,
    I know how you get every once in a while,
    You sit in your room shaking because your thoughts get the best of you sometimes,
    But you refuse to ask anyone for help.
    I offered you my hand but you pushed me away,
    You always fucking push me away.
    I just wanted to be that person for you,
    The one you can talk about your problems with,
    I’m awful at advice but I would listen to you talk for hours if it meant that I could hear your voice,
    If it meant that I could help you feel better.

    — I really don’t want you to fade  (via iclungtoy0u)